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I’ve travelled in the same local graphic design circles as James Lewis-Van Vorst for a while now. We’ve been connected on LinkedIn for a few years, and a couple months ago when I caught wind that he was opening his own coworking space, I thought that was pretty cool – hence a spot on “People Doing Cool Things”! They just had their ribbon cutting on July 7th, and I reached out to James to ask a couple questions around what led him to open up Nomad Coworks.

What gave you the inspiration to start your own coworking space?
I have been working remote for the past few years and have worked in a few coworking spaces. I really love the model and I think it is a great option for a lot of different situations. Covid kind of propelled the idea and I went for it.

What makes Nomad unique?
I think the location is unique. Most coworking spaces are in downtown areas, which is great for some people. But I think being in a smaller community like Clifton Park is beneficial to those who may not want to drive into the city to work.

What drew you to Clifton Park?
It’s only about 15 mins from my home in Burnt Hills, has a ton of other amenities right in town, and is a rapidly growing community!

Can you give an overview of what amenities or features are available?
Flexibility is the biggest feature here. You can work full time, part time, once a month, or anything in between. We also have a fully stocked break room, a 6 person conference room, free wifi and printing, and plenty of free parking.

I know your background is in graphic design – Had you worked out of coworking spaces previously to become comfortable enough with the business model, or did it involve a lot of research to find the right spot, what amenities to offer, etc?
There was a lot of research as well as working out of other spaces. Most coworking spaces offer similar features. What makes them stand out is the feel of the space. Some are more corporate, some more laid back and modern. I wanted this space to be a casual, quiet environment where people can focus and be productive. 

Check out Nomad Coworks online:

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