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Godspeed, The Aliens

Some of you may know that Ben Karis-Nix was the co-founder of the original incarnation of our Troy, NY web design studio Design it Together over 10 years ago. Some of you may further remember that he was/is a member of a band called The Orange. They haven’t been as active in recent years, but when I saw a post on Facebook that they had gotten together to record a new song I was psyched! I asked Ben tp put together some thoughts on how the song came to be and the inspiration behind it (spoiler alert: aliens) and linked the video below. Check it out:

This is a song that came to be, both technically and thematically, as a response to COVID hanging over our lives for the past year and a half. Like a lot of people, I found myself reaching for things that were meaningful to me, and also for some fun and diversion. So I started picking up the guitar and writing. One of the songs that emerged recently was, Godspeed, the Aliens, which I can attribute to reading everything I could about the recent UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) aka, UFO’s, leaked to the press and/or reported by the military. Whatever these UAP are, and let’s just say they’re aliens (because they’re aliens)… the whole idea of extraterrestrials zipping around and observing us taps into all kinds of wonder and mystery—a real balm for the times we’ve been in. For me anyway! 

So I wanted to communicate something about that with the song. It’s a really simple tune built around thematic symetry—a couple verses that speak to, firstly, hope for humanity getting our act together over the coming decades, and second, if that doesn’t work out and we really blow it, maybe these aloof extraterrestrials will finally swoop in and save us from annihilating ourselves. Fingers crossed! 

I brought the song to my buddies in The Orange because these themes are pretty much our jam. I remember we used to watch the X-Files before every rehearsal waaaay back in the day. Last year, motivated to have some fun during COVID, our drummer, Dan Sorensen, set up his drums so they’re mic’d permanently for recording purposes. This past year I also set up a music battlestation with mics, instruments, software, keys, etc. ready-to-roll when inspiration strikes. I’ve always had a guitar around, but never recording tools all set up like this. 

So, Godspeed, the Aliens, was the first time we put our new energy and setups to work. We might do a new mix that’s more polished in the coming weeks, but we wanted to post what we had ready on the day the Pentagon delivered their report to Congress about research into UAP’s. It was super fun, and as our guitarist/audio-wizard, Frank Moscowitz, likes to remind us, “fun is job one.”

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